Benefits of an Amwood Partnership

Amwood Homes was founded as a retail lumber company in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, in 1959; six years later, it was purchased by Gene Scott of Beloit, Wisconsin. With extensive experience in the lumber business and residential construction, he expanded the company throughout southern and central Wisconsin. Under his leadership, Amwood Homes established a reputation for quality craftsmanship, custom design, and expert service.

As the demand for Amwood Homes grew, Scott and his management team realized that the conventional “stick building” method would limit their company’s growth and impede their ability to achieve superior quality construction. As a result, Amwood pioneered the construction of building components in a controlled environment.

By constructing the floor deck system, wall panels, and roof trusses in a specialized manufacturing facility and then shipping them to the building site, Amwood Homes was able to develop and implement standardized construction methods. Not only did this allow for better cost control and consistently superior quality, it also resulted in less wasted materials. In fact, Amwood’s system was environmentally conscious long before such practices were commonplace within the building industry.

While Amwood features over 250 home plans, their skilled designers and craftsmen excel in customizing homes to our clients’ needs. Whether it involves customizing floor plans or exploring color and design options, our experienced team works with our clients from start to finish. Over the past fifty years, Amwood has evolved to incorporate state-of-the-art technology and eco-friendly methods into our building practices.

Today, they supply home packages to over a hundred home builders, located throughout the Midwest. By establishing a partnership with Amwood Homes, Lake Area Homes is able to take advantage of our manufacturing facilities, custom home design, and building expertise. These benefits are passed on to our clients, whether they’re building a vacation home in Wisconsin’s Northwoods, their first home in rural Iowa, or their dream home in Chicago.

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